Animation Programmer


At a Glance

  • 4 day workweek

  • Remote-first studio

  • Close-knit collaborative team

  • Competitive salary and benefits

About Us

We make cinematic, highly polished single-player games alongside one of the best indie publishers in the business, Annapurna Interactive. It's a wildly exciting time for our studio and we'd love for you to join us on the journey of developing our flagship title, The Lost Wild.

We're a diverse mix of incredibly talented people working from all over the world with an office HQ in Brighton (UK). Work-life balance is important to us at Great Ape Games, and we operate a four-day workweek as standard. We care a lot about our team and aim to provide a creatively challenging yet rewarding and enjoyable place to work and grow.

Job Overview

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Mid to Senior Animation Programmer to join our team, working on our flagship UE5 survival horror game, The Lost Wild. You'll be instrumental in defining and implementing our in-engine animation systems to help create realistic, dynamic and captivating animal motion and behaviour.

You will work closely with multiple team members and disciplines to achieve flexible and seamless animation integration. You will assist and support animators and gameplay/AI programmers in implementing and troubleshooting our animation systems in UE5. You will explore and leverage cutting-edge in-engine animation techniques to achieve high fidelity and dynamic animal motion.

The Lost Wild has high aspirations to deliver a realistic, paleo-accurate and compelling representation of dinosaurs and their motion. This is a crucial role central to the game's identity, so your work will be prominent and rewarding and will directly influence the quality of the end product and the experience enjoyed by our players.


  • An unrelenting eye for detail and a genuine love of your craft.

  • Expert UE 4/5 animation development experience including intimate familiarity with tools and concepts such as animation blueprints, blend spaces, state machines and transitions, montages, notifies, sync groups and markers, root motion, etc.

  • Experience with real-time 3D bipedal and/or quadrupedal character/animal animation solutions.

  • Strong general understanding of animation principles and 3D mathematics for games.

  • A good instinct for the scope of development necessary to provide strong 'bang for buck' animation fidelity without veering into PhD thesis territory unless strictly necessary.

  • A self-sufficient and proactive work ethic.


  • Involvement in at least one shipped title in UE 4/5.

  • Experience working at a AAA or AA studio.

  • Familiarity with contemporary UE5 animation techniques including motion warping, stride and slope warping, distance matching, etc.

  • Experience with procedural animation techniques such as procedural footstepping, foot locking, dynamic IK-based hand placement, etc.

  • Experience with physical animation, active ragdolls (such as for creature tails), etc.

  • Experience with first-person character animation solutions.

  • Familiarity with Maya rigs, Control Rig, and motion capture for games.

  • Strong C++ programming skills.

  • Though not required on the job, experience working on lower-level custom engine animation tooling and workflows.

  • Passion for the survival horror genre in general.

  • You're into dinosaurs.

Benefits & Perks

  • A four-day (32h) workweek as standard.

  • Work from home or the office – it's up to you.

  • A genuine, company-wide aversion to crunch.

  • Private health, dental and life insurance via Vitality.

  • Predefined annual salary reviews.

  • 31 days paid holiday each year (including bank holiday entitlements plus your birthday).

  • Extra time off for special events and emergencies – no questions asked.

  • Fast-growing studio with good potential for career advancement.

  • Quarterly team meetups (hosted by the company).

  • One hour a week paid exercise and wellness time.

  • Allowance for personal and career development courses.

  • A flexible perks package called Juno enabling you to spend points on whatever you want.

If you feel you have something exceptional to offer, even if you don’t think you qualify for all the above, please still apply. We are an inclusive employer and if you have potential, talent and a great work ethic, we want to hear from you. 🙏

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