We make Great Ape Games.

Great Ape Games is a tribe of humans amalgamated together by a shared passion for creating exceptional games. We're a tight-knit indie team with tons of ambition, based in the vibrant seaside town of Brighton.

Who are we

It takes talented Great Apes to make exceptionally Great Games, in an all-inclusive, diverse and rewarding studio. We pride ourselves on being different, and promote a healthy work-life balance with lots of flexibility and benefits for our fellow Apes.

Our upcoming release:

The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the reverence and terror of nature’s most magnificent animals. Our dinosaurs go well beyond simple monster mechanics, with built-in self-preservation and reactive systemic AI behaviour.

Careers at Great Ape Games

If you are looking for a new role, why don't you check our jobs below, or if you're not sure, why not send us a speculative application at jobs@greatapegames.com. We'd love to hear from you.